Corporate Information Corporate Principles(Corporate Principles/Mission Statement/Group Message)

<h2>Constructing buildings, creating towns, pioneering the new era</h2> <p>The Daibiru Group creates comfortable, life-enhancing office and commercial spaces which bring bustling activity to local streets and towns. We try to be a pioneer, establishing a new era while always staying keenly attuned to the context of the times, allowing people to foster and pursue dreams in these new environments.</p>

Mission Statement

1 Provide Office Spaces and Environments that Can Win the Trust and Attachment of Customers

Winning the trust and attachment of our customers is the heart of Daibiru Group’s office building leasing and property management businesses.

2 Increase Enterprise Value Together With Our Tenants

Our customers’ business success means the improvement of our corporate value.
Listening carefully to our customers and responding accurately to their ever-changing needs, we will assume our social responsibility.

3 Create Beautiful Cityscapes and Stylish Spaces

To create elegant and graceful urban landscapes, we must build an appropriate customer base.

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<h3>Group Message </h3><p>We will make collective efforts as a group to focus on creating comfortable, safe and reassuring spaces and environments.</p>

Group Code of Conduct

1 Good corporate citizenship

Daibiru Group strives always to be a good corporate citizen acting in good faith and conduct business activities in line with social responsibility and the highest ethical standards.

2 Legal compliance

With legal and regulatory compliance as a given, Daibiru Group conducts itself with integrity as a member of society, acting in accordance with social norms and corporate ethics. Daibiru Group takes a resolute stance against anti-social forces, and does not carry out any anti-social activities.

3 Fair disclosure

Daibiru Group conducts its business activities always in a fair and transparent manner, giving timely and accurate information to shareholders and the public at large whenever it is necessary.

4 Addressing environmental problems

Viewing concern for the environment as a priority management issue, Daibiru Group is determined to promote energy conservation, recycling and other initiatives to better the environment.

5 Social contribution

Recognizing itself as part of local communities, Daibiru Group strives through its corporate activities to grow in step with those communities.

6 Respect for human rights

Daibiru Group has an abiding respect for human rights, and is determined to realize a society free of discrimination.

7 Corporate culture where autonomy is valued

Encouraging everyone to take the lead in their work, Daibiru Group is forging a working environment that enables full expression of the individuality and abilities of its workforce.

Environmental Policy of the Group

<p>As part of our social obligation to contribute towards the sustainable development of society, the Daibiru Group is proactive in reducing the environmental impact of its activities and seeks to create cityscapes that harmonize with the natural landscape.</p><p>Furthermore, the Daibiru Group works with all its stakeholders, including customers, local communities, and business partners, to ensure that its activities compliment and harmonize with the natural environment.</p>

1 Coexisting With the Natural Environment

Strive to minimize the environmental impact at every business stage—from planning to design, construction, operation, and demolition—with the aim of creating natural and environmentally friendly urban environments.

2 Contribute to Global Warming Countermeasures and the Creation of a Recycling-based Society

Work to prevent global warming by conserving resources and energy and utilizing renewable energy in order to curb the generation of greenhousegases, and contribute to the development of a recycling based society by reducing waste and reusing/recycling resources.

3 Establish Frameworks for Environmental Conservation

Set goals and guidelines and establish frameworks for environmental conservation.

4 Improve Awareness of Environmental Conservation

Through environmental education and awareness activities, strive to enhance Group employees' awareness of environmental conservation.

5 Cooperate With Stakeholders

Work closely with our stakeholders, including customers, local communities and business partners, to promote coexistence with the natural environment.

6 Comply with Environmental Laws and Regulations

Comply with environmental laws and regulations to ensure our activities harmonize with the natural environment.

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